Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Munchkins did it!

"Oh what a world, what a world...Who would have thought that some little girl like you could destroy my beautiful wickedness." -T.W.W.

Some days I just feel plain surly and really admire her highness of mean The Wicked Witch of the West. I'm not even sure she was really mean at heart, simply protective of her sister (no similarities intended dear little sis!) and the family belongings. I have not been wise enough to read the book, but I understand the original slippers were silver, not that it matters. The Witch deep down, I felt to be a caring soul. She wanted control over everything around her. Things were supposed to be nice, neat, organized and running smoothly.
She obviously gave the little Munchkins plenty of free time. It was evidenced in their elaborate song and dance number in the beginning. Having performed on stage there is NO WAY that song and dance number simply fell in to being. That would have taken so many hours to learn and rehearse. The fact that they ALL knew the song indicates to me that the Munchkins, (much like our own children) were well in to plans to off both sisters! The real tragedy is that somehow the Munchkins completely got away with planning at least one homicide! I postulate that they indeed planned two, judging by the glee with which they performed the unhappy funerary song "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead" ! What would happen today if a group of workers watched the boss get offed, 'accidentally of course' and cheerfully danced around singing? I suspect strongly that they would end up in jail and rather quickly. It was definitely premeditated.
Another thing...that storm! Rather convenient that an entire house comes flying out of nowhere to solve everything. How often have your problems magically vanished? How often have they been simply crushed and left you time to jump about and sing?
Glinda? Good? Really? Never once did she try to hang out with the so called Wicked Witch. They had no plans for tea. Glinda then stole the shoes right of The Wicked Witch of the East's feet?! How did she manage that one and get away with it? If The Wicked Witch of the West were truly evil she would have slapped Glinda for interfering, slain a Munchkin and possibly messed up Dorothy on top of it.
The Wicked Witch of the West (TWW) seriously has a bad reputation, but we don't really know why. We are told that she's wicked and Glinda is good. How can we make that decision? Furthermore if Glinda and her sister (whom we never actually meet in the movie) are so goody goody then why haven't they taken over OZ before they found some flummoxed, flunky to do it for them? I believe they are like the "popular" kids in school who get the funny looking (possibly green??? hmm) kids to do their homework for them thus freeing them up to party down!! Glinda probably wrote the Munchins the song along with her stuck up sister! Those Munchkins...! I swear they had to have an outside choreographer!!
I am still unsure as to how TWW had such a command of trees and winged monkeys. I have never seen a winged monkey but perhaps trees can talk. I've never been a tree so I don't know. I have observed a great many trees and never once noticed the gift for gab...I'm thinking maybe it was a spell.
In the end it all works out, but TWW dies? There must be balance always in the world for the world to exist. Where is the balance in OZ? Will one or two of the Munchkins step in to TWW's place?

All this stuff was probably answered in the books...I have to read those books.

This is delayed but R.I.P your wickedness is missed and needed...poor dear...


Eve said...

Hahahaaha! I've never read the book either, but I've seen the movie about a thousand times..I still love that movie. When I was a kid I was scared to death of the flying monkeys...I think you're right, I think the Munchkins did have a choreographer and plenty of rehearsal time...So, the witch that got crushed by the house was the wicked witch of the west's sister right? And Glinda was the good witch of the Southwest, or something..? lol! Each direction had its own witch! You're right, Glinda and TWW never hung out or would have been nice to see them make an effort to get along...instead of planning murders with a bunch of 'little people' and an unsuspecting midwestern school girl..they could have gone to ladies night or something! That would be funny! Thanks for the laugh Vicki!

Anonymous said...

I am ok with being The Wicked Witch of the East, although technically due to geography I am in the West. After all those were some pretty snazzy shoes!

I just can't shut up said...

Ok Westie, Eastie and Eve...ladies night! Ummm Montana?

And yes Eastie those were some rockin shoes :) Personally I loved the socks