Monday, May 23, 2011

Life it...keeps you moving

{ This is probably one of those posts where you almost have to know me for it to make sense.}

Life is like a box of chocolates…providing that box of chocolates is ex-lax…

I’m not saying life is $--t, but life is always moving; sometimes you appreciate the movement, sometimes you don’t but with ex-lax movement always happens! Life is like that too. Life also clears out the debris of the past and sends you rocketing into the present

Ok this analogy is just sounding gross…the main point is, most of us love chocolate. Chocolate by itself does nothing to aid us in life aside from giving us pleasure for a moment. Ex-lax on the other hand is veiled in it’s approach…sweet seductive chocolate…but it really packs a punch.

Life is beautiful and sweet, it holds such promise of love and joy. Most of the time life is just running along and we have to catch up. Sometimes things don’t run smoothly, things hit you out of left field, you get an overload and a back up of emotions. Then in comes the emotional box of ex-lax to the rescue giving you that extra dose of life to push you over the hurdle, or out the gate. Hopefully when life moves and gives us things we don’t want to deal with we have enough tissue to carry us through that particular stretch, and enough friends who can understand what the heck we’re saying!! Eventually the rough patch is over and we feel relief.

Oddly enough when life is running smoothly sometimes we miss those bad moments and need them to remind us we are all human and all in this together. I get awfully prissy at times (gee who me?) I don’t like to discuss private issues in the open (thus this really odd title and analogy this is something I would NEVER discuss in polite company)

I am trying to get over myself. I am in a strange spot right now. I need to let go and get over things. I need the emotional ex-lax to clear out the blockages I have around me. I am superficial…OK I admit it…I am totally superficial. My confidence has taken a major hit, my self esteem is really down and I feel completely insane. I know the emotional ex-lax that is the very essence of life itself will wipe this out. I know everything will be fine, but right now things are just really backed up. I haven’t always let go of things, or dealt with them. I’ve gotten better this past year, but it seems that each new month brings some new and humbling experience. The past several months life has taken me places I never thought I would be, things I never thought I would do, finally clearing away toxic friends…it’s just starting to clear. My biggest blockage it seems is me, but isn’t that generally the case? We are our own worst enemies, our own harshest critics and we just don’t let up on ourselves.

Fortunately I have Charmin…and good friends

On the upside…Life all along has taken me places I never thought I’d see, taught me things I never would have guessed, sent me into situations I never thought I’d be in, led me to some really amazing friends, I guess it’s all in the way you look at the chocolate you’re given.

Now if you didn’t think I was odd before SURELY you must now!?

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Eve said...

Hey Vicki! It's great you have this pop-out thing now! I don't know what the blogger issue is, but I think it needs to be unblocked too!
You're right, we all need some emotional ex-lax sometimes...and we are our own worst enemies.
You can't run away from yourself, no matter where you go, there you are.
It is hard sometimes to see the good things when everything hurts, physically, emotionally, f*#king sucks...but at least there's always chocolate...sweet sweet chocolate. I've heard that dark chocolate is actually good for you, in small doses. It had antioxidants and stuff like that. But I don't like it! It's bitter. I like milk chocolate, but when I have it, I don't just have a little bit...I eat chocolate the way it's meant to be huge hunks!
Don't worry, keep the chocolate handy and things will get better.