Friday, April 1, 2011

Kiss my grits!!

G.R.I.T.S girls raised in the south
S.L.U.T.S southern ladies under tremendous stress

I am both grits and sluts. I live in the north but my roots are quite southern. Southern roots run deep and broad. Southern family trees have roots like magnolias. I've attached a link about Magnolia trees if you don't understand much about them. We surround our family, we nourish each other with our knowledge of one another. Relations by marriage are just as strong and respected as direct blood relations. We are ALL family.

I am an exception to the 'don't like to be moved rule'. I miss my family down south, but my true blood family is wide spread...we are on both coasts and in the middle of the US as well. I have an incredible wanderlust. I want to see and know as much as I can. I want to understand, I want to relate, I want to connect, connect with everyone!!.........which brings me to.......southern talking.

We speak our own language and a southern woman speaks A LOT of it! The main word is yall.

yall- Contraction of you and all. never used with only one person...minimum of 2 or more. Said smooth and rolling like; ball, hall, tall, fall....if any of you reading this is from the UK there is no R. I attached a link so yall can hear yall pronounced.

you see Billy Bob, Bubba, and Tater at the local feed and seed
"Hey yall wassup?"

you've run out of sugar and run next door to get some; proper even if only one person answers the door but only if more than one person lives there

"Hey yall got any sugar I can borrow?"

If it's a widder's house or a spinster you say
widder is a widow
"Hey you got any sugar I can borrow?"

In the next post...(I think) which is sure to be lengthy....I will address southern interactions with others :)

love your sluts and grits!!!

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Eve said...

Hahahaha! This reminds me of living in Oklahoma! My ex is from Alabama..I remember meeting people and they'd say, "Give me some sugar"...I'm Canadian...I thought they suddenly wanted real sugar, you know, for their coffee or something! :)