Sunday, March 27, 2011

spinning balls and bouncing pennies

My mind's too little to be out alone and unsupervised! It seems more and more it roams and rambles about late at night.

Bouncing like a ball, hitting impossible angles and arcs. Flying high, crazy, fast, hard.
Other times it feels like the change collectors (the ones that look like funnels) you put the pennies in...they start to cycle in a lazy circle near the top, sometimes they criss cross with coins, they start to spin and spiral at dizzying speeds...often they collide and all wipe out, while others just keep going, faster, faster, lost in a blur.

There isn't anyway to stop the ball from bouncing without interfering. The laws of physics govern the motion, the actions, the physical reactions (Physics is really fun and fascinating!!) Don't argue mathematics it's all related. Everything is related, everything is relative...

The chaos theory seems to govern my mind...nothing else makes sense...right now nothing makes sense, but at least the ride is a fun spin and there is a neat bouncy ball to play with. Plus the Lorenz attractor plots can be pretty!!

Enjoy your sine wave

{ if I spelled it wrong or left a word out remember fingers are dodgy}

1 comment:

Eve said...

Hahaha! My mind has been unsupervised for so long that I'm sure that's why it goes to such out of the way, unusual places..there is sense in chaos..:)