Friday, March 25, 2011

Love; one definition

It's ephemeral floating on diaphanous wings holding us bourne on a zephyr
Turgid and tempestuous dragging us along pulling us into the undertow
it's a raging sea, with squalls and ebbs,
Tidal waves
seditious and salacious but never only one all consuming yet desolate
It's the swales we walk when the hills are too steep
the light at the end of the day yet the morning sunlight highlighting all our second self flaws
butterflies struggling from chrysalis'
butterfly flits leaving us with the beauty of time well spent however long the ephemeral flowers bloom
is love

1 comment:

Eve said...

Wow..very nice Vicki! The imagery is so defined, I like it. You are a good writer..keep it up, I really enjoy your blog..and a good idea with the pages too, I was thinking of having pages on mine as well..I keep finding new gadgets and cool things..this is addicting, that's for sure!