Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Here we go again

Apparently I've always worked through difficult things with words, numbers,
pen, pencil, paper; I'm not sure why it seems so different now. Perhaps it's
because this is the first time i've ever done it publicly.

I found an old notebook the other day. I started it just prior to my Grandma
[Mom's] death. For those of you reading this unaware, my Grandparents
adopted me. My Grandfather passed away when I was Grandma when I was
15. It effectively left me an orphan. I had to move in with my Mom. I also found her body and had to notify people. I remember bits and pieces. Fragments float around in my
head. Finding that note book made me wonder what I was doing. How I had
changed...who was I then. I wondered if I would read it and recognize the
girl behind it. It was like a flood. I saw her, I heard her, but I saw the
pain and isolation from new perspective... that of a Mother, a friend, a
pain fired "grown up?". I could remember the emotions...I could hear the
echos of songs, friends, things long past. I may have grown, yet I am
today's confused child of tomorrow.

I know that I know nothing at all. I will never have a road map and today's
struggles are tomorrow's solutions. It's definitely humbling to know that I
have absolutely no clue about I will continue to write about
nothing because tomorrow when I read it, I will be astonished at the
ignorance or amazed at the insight.

If I spelled it hands are
screwy...I won't be hard on myself

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Eve said...

Hey there! Just stumbled across your blog and really enjoy it! can't find the icon so I can 'follow' you...I'm fairly new to this blogging world as well..keep it up! It's fun!