Thursday, February 24, 2011

Apparently I CAN shut up

Yesterday in a bizarre salad and beer voice went. Since noon yesterday, I have been mute. This is the oddest thing yet.
I blame the spasms and the roughly 5 forkfuls of salad I got down. Definitely NOT the beer!

My special 'Mommy Power' is gone!...I can't nag my husband!! Seriously they both at totally separate times yesterday told me to "nod"! WTH?? I still can't nod :-) So as you can see I still have much work to do in training them.
I am really thankful for color note on my phone. I am also thankful for friends you meet in stores with excellent senses of humor. I am thankful for pens...and for everyone understanding my hands still aren't responding quickly so communication takes forever...or at least feels like it.

So day 2 has begun in muteland...mutant muteland? oh well!

Oh yeah...I'm also going insane with the muscle relaxers. I'm not always aware of 'what' I am doing. The drugs are getting to me, but it isn't pretty when I don't take for now...insane and mute. Let's just hope the agoraphobia doesn't come back this time.

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