Monday, July 10, 2017

He's an Adult

Years ago when I started this blog, I had more time on my hands.  My hands were also more messed up and needed to work on typing.  My mind was reeling and I needed a mental occupation as I healed physically.  Way back then in 2011, our son was 12/13 and in his first year of middle school.  There was a lot going on, but I had time to share my struggles and triumphs in silly ways.  I had time to write it out.

My writing time slowly started to change, then it rapidly changed.  Before I knew it months would pass before I even remembered I had a blog.  I logically knew it was there, I just had other things to do.  I volunteered as a team mom during football and lacrosse.  I worked with a good friend or two administrating an online support group.  I became much more committed to educating people about spinal stenosis and different types of walking spinal cord injuries. I became occupied with helping our son through the trials and tribulations of middle school and then high school.  I became insane with rage at some injustices he was made to suffer.  I also loudly made a total jerk and spectacle of myself one day, just to alleviate some of the blowback he was sure to suffer the next day.  I figured if they were talking about how absolutely batty I was, they'd have more to discuss than him and the unfair treatment he had endured.  Nonplussed (old definition) was the only way to describe our emotions concerning the disparity at his old school.  We made the decision to change his school before he lost his mind and his personality.  

Our child learned to drive, I went back to work.  I discovered I had other talents and gifts.  I discovered I can still be pretty effective and I could still physically handle some work.  I found new physical and inner strength.  One day I woke up and he was 18.  One day he forwarded me a message "Congratulations! You have been accepted to Notgonnanameithere College"  Great!  Wait! What!?  College?  Now?

I was hit with the reality that our son was soon going to no longer be attending public school in a compulsory education setting.  I also realized the schools he'd talked about for years weren't even mentioned.  They weren't even mentioned because he didn't even apply!  When I asked him about this, his answer knocked my socks off.  He chose Notgonnanameithere College because of;

1.) Cost
2.) Distance
3.) Culinary Program
4.) Transfer-ability of credits

Delving further into his new found thought center, he shared with me that he doesn't want to graduate with debt if he can avoid it.  He wants to go slowly and think about all his interests.  He found out through years of chatting with me, his Dad and teachers (Oh my, he listened to parents too?!) that any core classes done at any community college were usually very transferable and were far less in cost than a 4 year institution.  This college has begun a few 4 year degree programs, it's filled with certificates he can get as he's working toward his major in whatever field he chooses.

Our child also voted in his first election.  He has been a steadfast defender of logical political discussions, he makes salient points, he can argue his own with well thought out reasons and is open to new information.  He was actively working to have a three party system a long with some of his other young friends.  I watched him grow into a well rounded, well spoken young man in a flash.  He's still given to his regular 18 year old "I'm a nitwit" posts, but for the most part, he makes good points and argues well without pot shots.

The new school did all of this and taught him a love for creative writing.  He's again enjoying the pursuit of knowledge.  I can't praise this public charter school enough.  They had college application days, applications were free or lower cost on those days.  He could have applied to any, but he chose only the one.

Time to get serious.

Time to quit my part time job because my husband changed jobs.

Time to become a housewife and Mom again.

So where is all this boring stuff going?  It's going here.  He's an adult in age, he's an adult in some thoughts and ways, but he's still the little guy who needs me to put my special oil healing blend on his arm.

I love my son.  I'm proud of my son.  My son will do wonderful things as long as he pursues what he loves in life.

I also may have more time to write here after I finish Camp NaNoWriMo.

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