Monday, June 16, 2014

I've become one of them

When I was a teenager, things were different than they are today........
I remember some of the pranks we used to play in school, the best one was......

I didn't even realize it was happening.  I became one of them.  Those people who regale their teenager with stories of slightly misguided youth.  Not only my son, but his friends too!  I am unstoppable.  I am completely incapable of stopping myself before I start.  They will sit around talking to me, then before I know it, I'm knee deep into 1985.  I don't know if I lack a filter or if I just love to hear myself talk.

My son called it to my attention when he said "Melvin said you're Mom has a story about everything, I bet she's telling Melanie one right now".  When my 15 year old child had to call it to my attention, I knew that I was a monster.  A "back in the day....." monster.  I remember when my Grandmother and my Mother did it to me.  I felt kind of trapped and slightly humiliated that they were trying to "fit in with the crowd"  now, almost 30 years past my high school years I am in the same boat.  The boat apparently has a very comfortable captain's chair and I'm very firmly wedged into it.  My seat in the boat is the one my Grandmother and Mother shared.

I have also become a pajama Mom.  I drop him off at school in pajamas and if the day has been rough, I likely pick him up in the same pajamas.  This was only recently embarrassing when my son brought a friend to the car for a ride home.  I couldn't let my son drive because I was in a nightgown and bathrobe.

I have become my worst fear.  I have become my Grandmother and my Mother.  They didn't wear pajamas in public though.  I think I may top them in the embarrassing department.  

At least I don't clean his face with spit....

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