Saturday, March 29, 2014

My My, how time does fly!

I have been very lax.  I've not been here for a while.  Where to begin??

I got overwhelmed in November, compiled all the "Complicated Lives" and released them in a kindle book.  A lot of emotion led up to that, then I felt free and open.  I think the word may be empowered.

After that I decided to do some emotional housekeeping.  I cut ties with some people, other people I've just gone off the radar.  I'm sorry to say I've not been a good friend at all to some very important people.  I hope they know that I care for them deeply, but I've just been in a weird spot mentally.

I got sick of all the negative energy and drama surrounding my son at the local high school.  We talked it over and decided a move to a public charter school was the best decision for all of us.  It's almost like we have our eager to learn toddler back once more.  He can explore paths, work at his own pace, set his own goals and have freedom.  This school operates more like life in the real working world.  Projects, deadlines, work at your own pace, set goals....etc.  The transformation has been amazing.

Stress and pressure from the new pay schedule where my husband works has me frazzled.  We refinanced our mortgage. I'm typing up a searchable document for our HOA to make things easier for people to seek and find answers to common questions.

For those who know about my health issues, I'm doing better!  I am still quite lazy some days, I still have insomnia, pain...etc.  The good things are, I have more stamina, I am walking much better, my fine motor skills are coming along and typing is getting better.  I still can't type for very long, but I am doing a better job touch typing.

I've found a great and simple bread recipe.  I have messed with the flour and created a nice rye with caraway from the same recipe.  I do it all in the kitchenaid.  Kneading is and never was my strong point.

I will catch you up on white trash moments in the next post.

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