Sunday, August 18, 2013

To whom it may concern.

It has been a really deceitful ride so far; as a result, I'm through.  I am done with petty games, childish behavior and the blame game, back peddling, lying and selling one's soul or love to the highest bidder.  I find I don't have time for it in my busy yet loser-ish life.  It's true, I'd rather play mindless games like candy crush, papa pear and bubble witch than talk to you.  I much prefer the solace and comfort of something stable I can count on to unwind from a bad day if my friends aren't around

I much prefer spending my free time in the presence of friends I've never met, aren't likely to meet, but still we plan imaginary trips.  Despite the fact we are likely never to meet we are there for one another, good times or bad.  We are there with a laugh, a hankie or a silly song to reset emotions.  We lift each other up and tear down the people who hurt us.  We speak in anger, apologize eagerly and with love. There isn't the tension, there are no egg shells to walk on.

I am sorry for myself that you chose people who don't really matter in the grand plan of things over those who are supposed to be near and dear.  I am sorry for you that you have chosen this path.  I am also happy that I know my worth in your eyes and no longer feel the need to try to please you or drag out a horrible conversation while drying my tears.  I am happy that you have people who worship you on the altar of your vanity.  When the altar is worn thin and those around you see  you without your mask, i hope the treasure you've stored for yourself makes you happy.

I find I don't need what I never had and am happy with what I do have.

If the shoe fits



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