Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spring is broken

Well spring was springing.  Now our crocuses are lying sad, frozen and dead.  I'm not sure what the rest of the flowers have done, are doing, are planning on doing, or if they really care.  I attempted to help the guys mulch a bit (gee won't the neighborhood lawn nazi's be happy) in a vain attempt to keep down some weeds.

Spring is ok, I don't mind it....but it brings summer.  My most dreaded time of year.  The horrible, bright shiny sun, the heat, those stupid May bugs that people insist are June bugs, but they can't be June bugs because June bugs are cute little scarab looking things around the size of an oat.  That's what Mama told me and I will swear that's what they are.  The others are just hideous May bugs.  They shouldn't even be able to fly!  Hideous brown unwieldy things.

Our cat LOVES spring, and summer....from 5am until about 9pm we hear canigooutcanigooutcanigoout, outoutoutout, in various forms of meows, groans and attempting to chew open windows.  He loves to eat grass, chase bugs and until summer before last, enjoyed playing on a swingset.  The swingset was taken down and he was FURIOUS.

Spring is a crazy time here, for some reason when our son goes out...he comes home smelling like some type of odd fish, covered in mud, swearing he was no where near the frog pond.  I'm not even sure how frogs live there, because the lawn nazi's all fertilize the living crap out of their grass for the 2-3 months it grows.  All of this fertilizer runs into the frog pond.  Algae blooms EVERYWHERE in every pond in every yard with a pond because of this insane need to fertilize.  Why can't nature just take it's course and leave grass dry in the hot summer the way it should be.  If things were supposed to be green they would be green naturally...(that does not apply to hair color!)

I refuse to spend well over $1,000 between water and fertilizer to make my neighbors happy.  I got the thistles (love them!) because of them and their insane need to feed birds thistle seed.  At this point if they don't like my thistles which have now hopefully blown into all their yards then they can stop feeding thistle seed or come weed my yard.  I'm medically not allowed to weed my lawn (yay bad neck!) the guys don't have time....so lets put that neighborly gossip train and back stab bandwagon to work helping out people.

I tried to and did shovel my driveway and walk with my cane winter before last (that has been disallowed too!  again yay neck!) people stopped, stood, watched and commented to their kids...but not one single person (all men) even offered to help.  So neighbors who want nice lawns....work on your own, and leave my weeds alone!

The fact still remains spring is broken and can remain broken until well into July!  I can't tolerate heat anyway   :)


Eve said...

OMG! I so agree with you! It's nice to see someone else who can't stand the heat.Don't get me wrong, I do like the look of summer, but to live in the heat is, to me, intolerable. I don't mind spring around here, but lately it's been freaking hot! My favourite season is fall...still sort of sunny, but cool and breezy. I like the temperature to be low enough that I need a sweater when I go out. And I also hate it when people are so anal about their lawns! It is totally natural for grass to die back and turn brown in the summer, and I say, leave it alone! Who really cares about a lawn anyways? I'm in an apartment now, but if I had a yard it would be covered in wildflowers and bird feeders, no lawn! And lastly, what the f**k is wrong with people who will just stand and watch a disabled person shovelling and not offer to help?! Stupid assholes. I say, let them eat thistles!

I just can't shut up said...

^5 brown grass! Yay wildflowers!!! I adore nature's floral arrangement just the way it is.

Fall and winter are my faves. The idea of summer appeals to me, definitely not the reality. Fresh veggies, smell of warm mulch, wild flowers, irises and hummingbirds! Heady scents and heavenly food, are always welcome!