Thursday, April 11, 2013

Our cat hates us

Yesterday was not a happy day in the life of our kitty cat.

For the past year our cat has been struggling with allergies.  It's been a real fight because he had some bacteria that went undiagnosed.  When he was finally diagnosed after a few unsuccessful rounds of antibiotics we were told that he had likely damaged his nasal structures and would have allergies.  They did blood work the results only showed high allergy markers, we were told what otc's were safe for him to take, how much and how often.  The poor kitty has been sneezing large volumes of mucus for months.  The last month I noticed it didn't seem the same.

Suddenly the mucus stopped. He still sneezed, but nothing came out.  Then his eye started to look runny and puffy.  I washed it with a warm cloth.  It didn't get better, the swelling increased.  I made an appointment on Tuesday for Saturday.  I can't navigate him in and out of the building by myself.  I needed my son or husband with me.  Saturday was the only day.  Later Tuesday he was looking like he had gone a few rounds with an MMA fighter.  I called that evening, they could see him Wednesday evening.  He just looked worse the next morning.  I seriously began to wonder if he was sneaking out and having cage fights.  By the time his appointment rolled around his eye looked very pink near the tear duct, his forehead was swollen and to touch his face would illicit the big paw.  (the big paw is when he makes his paw as large as possible and sticks every single claw out, then pushes)  I got the big paw when I tried a warm compress before we left.

We got him to the vet.  I got my son to lacrosse practice then came back to find an unhappy cat with a grumpy husband.  Cat had lidocaine on spot on his forehead.  Eventually the vet came back.  She was brandishing a needle to aspirate his forehead bump.  Cats are bendy.....very bendy, they are also part liquid...very liquid.  Eventually she got the needle in, nothing seemed to come out.  She left.

We were pointedly ignored after several snorts, tail twitches and in general pissy cat behaviour.  Apparently she did get a few cells out and the news was good.  Nothing horrible was wrong.  We got antibiotics for bruiser and some steroids.  He already looks better after one antibiotic.  He ate a lot of ham tonight but still isn't very happy with us.  He seems to no longer be plotting our demise, but I did get the big paw tonight giving him his pills.

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