Monday, March 25, 2013

When things go awry

Things were a bit sideways today. I skipped chores because I felt weak and disconnected. I spent most of the day reading, some support group conversation, catching up on emails, and a few low stress things. So far so good. Then IT happened. Things started going sideways.

I tangled up my feet, yes I have only two. My feet however often have a difference of opinion about which way they want to go, when, where, why and how! I can't actually hear them arguing. I sense their growing unrest and know that one of them is about to take the other one out! Suddenly they stop and agree on a direction and speed. Now we're cooking! Well not yet, we are working up to that.

Next comes the cooking, lazy dinner, spaghetti with grocery store premade sauce. I chose a jar over a can. The jar seemed easier, it actually was for a change! Next comes bread. I got the bread out of the freezer, couldn't hold it. The bag simply slipped out of my grasp, hit the floor, bag ripped....seasonings all over the floor!! Curses! Next comes pasta. This is a no brainer! I put the pasta in the pot of boiling water along with the tip of my left ring finger. Ouch! Curses foiled again!!

I got ice on the scald in time, or maybe it wasn't that bad. It might have only scared me. Eventually the day ended. I was pretty happy not to have gotten a blister.

I put my argumentative feet in bed. They argued about which one was more useful I'm sure. My hands decided to join the party, when pop off non safety caps are too challenging to get back's all over.

Life is at times quite comical and only a few people will ever know why...those people probably aren't even reading this, but will have laughed about it via email.

*******this happened a few days ago, i just located this unpublished post.********

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