Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Same as it ever was......

I am once again at a loss for sleep.  After a while this takes its toll.  I'm short (er) tempered, physically I'm a mess.  So logically my mind travels to........the talking heads.

I woukd say....i digress.....but this entire post will likely be one huge....and i digress
Whst was up with David Byrne and the arm chops in that song?  You know the one, Once in a Lifetime....water flowing under ground.

When i cant sleep my mind is awash with songs, poems, ideas, blog posts to write.  Chiefly; however it is music that fills my mind.  I remember songs i thought i had lost forever.  The genre is unimportant, my mind is a free floating body collecting verses, songs, melodies as it will.
It also collected kyoto song tonight, it seemed apropos....nightmare of you of death in the pool wakes me up a quarter to three.  I used to get so excited when i woke up at that time when i was a teen.  Now i just think " oh....dirty words....i'm not getting sleep again tonight". 
I miss Blondie, Joan Jett, Pat Benetar....and yes....Julie Brown!!
Earth Girls are Easy, Homecoming Queen's Got a Gun, Cuz I'm a Blonde......she really was talented.
The Chiliwhacks (sp) My Girl
So my mind is having a merry rock/punk/country/christian/folk/reggae/metal/parody/pop....etc concert.  No one is on the guest list, just my mind.  My poor tired, aching, burning, uncooperative body is not invited it seems.
Time for my mind to play some Enya, Evanesence, something soft and soothing.....                                 

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