Saturday, May 12, 2012

New Shoes

I just bought my first pair of Birkenstocks.  I had no idea that I would ever purchase Birkenstocks; much less wear them with socks.  The socks in question are fluorescent green no show anklets, in my defense, not mere socks.  I also am reliving part of my misspent youth with other fluorescent socks and a pair of see through socks like we used to wear with plastic jelly shoes about 27 years ago. 
The Birkenstocks are doing pretty well so far.  I bought them yesterday and wore them in public the first time today.  I got a complement on them from my massage therapist.  She informed me that $80 was a really good deal; mine were about half what hers cost.  I assume that’s a good thing?  I thought that I would immediately grow underarm hair, smell of patchouli and pot smoke; so far all is well in the hygiene and smells department.  

A few days have now passed.  I have some spot on the inside of the Birkenstocks, it may be cat snot.   My cat is sick don’t judge, pets are dear members of the family.  He’s sneezing which is good, better out than in. I tried to clean it, but it kind of left a water spot…I’m really scared for the beauty of my shoes now!  I digress…
I was terrified when I wore them today.  The sky grew over cast and I actually hid my feet because I didn’t want to ruin my shoes as the rain started to fall!  I staggered in fear to the car my husband pulled up next to the lacrosse field.  Today was orange fluorescent sock day, yesterday was pink.  I am saving the clear socks for a special occasion, like the next mild but clear day.  I may wear the yellow ones tomorrow, but only if the weather looks dry.  I can’t risk having them look like they are old and horrible yet.  I’d like to make it a month maybe. 

Yesterday I wore them to Trader Joe’s, I actually bought tikka masala veggie burgers, and whole wheat naan.   We bought some Ezekiel 4:9 bread from there, they actually sell enough that they don’t refrigerate it.  I again checked to see if I had sprouted an impressive amount of underarm hair and or smelled oddly.  Noticed I needed to shave, which I did last night.  I smelled fine.  Recalled I DO own a product with patchouli oil in it.  It has strangely disappeared since the shoes came into my life.  Actually I think it disappeared sometime in late April, likely in a purse or something of mine. 

The verdict is? I like the shoes.  The footbed helps keep me stable when I walk, it has corrected a few ankle turns already.  I feel more stable when I walk on uneven ground.  I’m not worried about sandal season anymore.  Last year, flipflops were not my friend.  I love them, but they weren’t very stable for me.  I might have to consider buying another pair at some point in time because…darn it, I like my Birkenstocks and I am not ashamed to say I have a pair and I still shave my armpits!!

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