Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Complicated Lives....part 6

The Axe man cometh!!

Ok same neighborhood, but now The Smith’s have left. Their friend Crystal kept in touch until he cell phone number changed. The neighborhood child molester had a live in girl friend. He lived just up the street from Billy Ray and his drug dealing family. One of his family members/girlfriends (I think she was a second cousin) used to walk down the street late at night. Tori used to smoke like a chimney late at night and read outside. She had ‘met’ Anna many times but didn’t really know her. Tori had seen Anna blasted out of her mind on meth more than once. Thank heaven they were moving, the neighborhood used to be so nice. So, about a week after The Smith’s moved Crystal called;

Crystal-“you will never guess what happened with Chester and Anna!!!”

Tori- “Chester and Anna? I thought Anna was dating her cousin still!”

Crystal- “No, they broke up…well anyway Chester is in jail because he beat Anna!”

Tori- “No way! He’s only in to kids!”

the story unfolds….apparently Chester wanted Anna out because he wanted to stay out of jail and actually reform his life. Her drug use wasn’t stopping and he wanted her gone, so he kicked her out. He tried to be civil but she attacked him, he hit her with a water hose then she showed up with… AXE!!! Somehow a fight ensued and she ended up getting cut with the axe. Chester ended up in jail even though it was self defense…she got his house!! WTH? Complicated lives and Tori missed it!!! Yeah Anna only needed a few stitches.....but loads and loads of meth

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