Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Complicated Lives....part 12

My cat was a racist

She was beautiful. Blue eyes, silver grey puffy tail, paws, ears, and mask. Her body was a lovely white. Her hair was long and silky. She had a perfect face, no it wasn’t a Persian face it was a normal apple-head. I loved her dearly, but she had some issues. Namely….my cat was a racist. I have no idea how this happened. She also hated all other living creatures, whistling, Stars and Stripes Forever, pagans and veterinarians. She enjoyed car rides, boiled peanuts, donut holes, Popeye’s chicken, Christians, and caramels. We first discovered our cat was a racist when we went to a predominately African American section of town on a Popeye’s run before a road trip. I stayed in the car with her while my husband ran in. I noticed a low growl starting from her growing in intensity whenever someone passed the car. She usually only growled when someone was whistling, laughing, trying to touch her, playing Stars and Stripes Forever or singing Blue Christmas. She then began running from window to window growling at every person she saw. My husband got back to the car with the chicken, while sucking bones clean and flinging them out the window I told him of her strange behavior. He said it was probably just people being near the car. I was unsure because she’s been in a place with people around the car before and never acted that way. We didn’t think much of it until my husband picked me up from work one day. My manager walked me out to the car so he could see my beautiful yet insane cat. The plan was for my husband to whistle so my manager could see her get mad and bite him to make him stop. When my manager and I got near the car she EXPLODED at the window shrieking, spitting, hissing, growling and clawing the air. My manager jumped back, she flew out the window attached to her leash fighting the air. I stood there with my mouth open and my husband tried hauling her back through the window like a yo-yo. I grabbed her screaming clawing little butt in a bear hug and held her while my manager looked at her. He commented on how beautiful she was but also how flat out insane. He said “well, I’ve never seen a racist cat before…this is a first” She died many years later. We never figured out how she became so intolerant. Oh well!

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