Friday, June 10, 2011

Our Adventure so far

Flat whites are rocking my a$$ off!! I seriously am loving these things!

Upon landing the first thing we did in Auckland was to promptly get lost at 6am and have my husband learn to drive on the left hand side of the road. Getting lost was on purpose. We stopped at the nearest convenience store somewhere in Ponsonby and purchased…no lie…at about 6am….

  • 1- Hot fish pie
  • 2- Hot meat pie
  • 3- 2 flat whites (our first and we need interventions)
  • 4- 4 bottles of All Blacks powerade (gotta help the team!)
  • 5- 3 packs of Chocolate Fish
  • 6- 1 bag of bluebird crisps Kiwi As Kaitalia fire and sour cream flavor
  • 7- Blackberry taffy

My husband and I sucked down the Flat Whites in about 10 minutes, split the fish pie and got possibly one bite of the meat pie from our son. I think he bit my finger when sampling the fish pie. The calories come in Kilojoules so we have no idea what we are consuming but possibly vast quantities…at least our clothes still fit.

We stopped at a grocery in Auckland and wandered the aisles staggering like common tourists…eeking over the kumara and wanting to bring sacks of them home. Wondering if the lamb pack ($44 NZ!!) for a good deal of it, would carry on the trip home or if we could bring back bags of golden kiwi? We bought Panadol ( we no longer have it in the states) and immediately began taking it. Paracetamol is still awesome. Then we got more flat whites. So far we have tried, Flat whites, pies, whitebait fritters, flat whites, paua patties, flat whites, fish chowder, marmite, flat whites, vegemite, kumara chips, flat whites, Burger fuel, L&P, flat whites, Hell Pizza, Speights, lots of other beer, and NZ wine. There is so much we have tried and or plan to try.

As yet, we’ve not made too horrible of an impression on anyone. They have told us of the common custom to snicker and run away. We have been assured us that such behavior is the normal way to welcome distinguished guests. They especially find sassy preteen boys distinguished and run away much faster!

I did however ALMOST totally embarrass America (and my son) last night at cocktail hour in the hotel. A beautiful little girl about 4 was sitting at a table with an older man in a sweater and a younger man with wet hair in what appeared to be a khaki jacket. The little girl got up to do something only 4 year olds can understand and the khaki man got up to chase her. He was about 7 feet tall and the khaki jacket was a buttoned trench to his ankles!!!! I put my hand over my mouth lest the champagne come out my nose. The whole room watched but no one was gyrating and purple aside from me. They finished cocktails and left…I hadn’t seen them in the club before, so maybe tonight!!! (hoping) or this afternoon for tea. Really it looked like Austin Powers standing on mini-me’s shoulders…it really was that bad! I swear he looked…..well you know what it looked like…OK I’ll behave. I’m already on alert from my son. I embarrassed him at tea by laughing too loudly.

Every day is a new adventure and sadly my camera just won’t capture it well.

The roads are really winding none of the mountains have been cleaved to clear a path for a motorway so the few main roads area long and breathtaking.

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