Wednesday, May 11, 2011

silly sentence

I am feeling really silly right now and wonder how long I can make a run on sentence yet still have it make sense, it should be a pretty simple thing for me to do, since I already do things stream of conscious when my mind is in overdrive, but I digress, I think I can figure this out and make a sentence at least a good confusing length without really overdoing it, wouldn't you think, I mean commas do cause you to pause and pause, that's really all they are for, so a sentence using many of them, though not correct in the syntax, or punctuational sense should work, at least I guess in theory it would, given it were kept on topic and easily enough followed, provided, of course it's at least partially grammatically correct, that might just be a possibility, writing a lengthy sentence yet having it be on topic but twisted, just enough to make it both fun to write and fun ( at least for me) to return to and read later, I wonder if I'll try it tonight?

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