Friday, April 8, 2011

Gerbil touch

I was holding one of our gerbils a few days ago. She went right to sleep in my hand. I held the other gerbil and the same thing happened. I have this super woman pet touch!! I've realized now my hands shake when they are symptomatic, they are like the perfect rocking chair for a gerbil! OK, so I can't hold a glass of beer, cider, vodka, water or tea reliably. I might have the grip of an 80 year old right now, but hey....I can put small furry mammals to sleep with my hands. How cool is that? My reflexes are too slow at the moment to catch one should it run away; but I have the ability to make them soundly sleep in my hands. I can't figure out where my fingers are on the keyboard half the time, but I can do something new! (yes using the big girl computer today and having so much fun figuring out how to use my fingers). This really isn't so bad. I'm learning my limits, and trying to stay within the boundaries. I've never been good at that! I can't imagine I will start now. I am trying however to listen, and take things as they come. It also would be really nice to know when something is actually injured and dealing with it immediately rather than in say.....16 years???

Mike is hoping I can harness the power and use it for evil in some sort of death touch. I would like to use it for good. Perhaps putting to sleep, (or at least in a trance) all the unruly preteens? Laying on of hands and inspiring husbands to rub wives feet? The down side is I'd have to touch lots of people. I think that would require an inordinately large amount of antibacterial hand sanitizer. Have you ever touched a preteen son??? They smell kind of strange. Husbands also smell odd after handling frozen octopus. It was our freezer he helped me clean....did you expect anything less?

Well today is better than yesterday, I'm still a bit blue but The Smiths always cheer me up.....So, I've of course attached a link!!!!!

The Smiths-Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now


As always..... spelling, especially today!! I've been backspacing more than typing!! :-)

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Eve said...

Music and sleeping gerbils work wonders! Glad you're feeling better..sometimes a good tune is the best medicine :)