Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wisdom of the ages

Ok....on March 17th I got my lip pierced. It wasn't painful. It's cute! I really like it. I was supposed to go in on the 27th to have the labret changed. I didn't go in until today. I chose my lovely new lip ring. I went into the back and sat in the appropriate chair, while the nice piercing artist gloved up. She carefully unscrewed the the old ring laid it aside, then put the new one in...the new one hurt a bit because the skin shifted, still no big deal. She was screwing the lovely stone on the end of the post when it hit me......
I can't feel my fingers, my hands shake! How on EARTH am I going to ever change this??? I will either ;
a.) learn how
b.) just go back and visit her when ever something strikes my fancy
c.) maybe the feeling and coordination will come back

At least I chose blue....it goes with everything I own! :-)

1 comment:

Eve said...

lol! You could just leave it there forever...I think piercing look really cool, I don't have any though..I want to get a tattoo!