Friday, March 18, 2011


Where to begin....Wednesday...
1.) Planning extensive trip, things going awry
2.) Son needed to be picked up late
3.) Student led conferences at school
4.) Late dinner


Stress is one of the things that most affects my current state. I made a HUGE, huge, huge mistake. I didn't take a muscle relaxer when I felt the first symptoms creeping up. I thought things would just be fine, a little numbness a little clumsiness...nothing major. Just my new normal.

The stress started building, and I started to have issues with the stairs. Fairly normal after 3pm. We had a surprise 'discussion' with a teacher. That amped up the stress. I'd begun noticing pain in my arms by that point. We went back home to prepare dinner, then get ready to head back for the actual conferences. All the bad news hit at once. By the end of the hour (one hour) my legs were dragging up every step, the hand rail was a must, I still hit every step with my feet, I couldn't hold paper, much less leaf through them while the teachers were talking, I couldn't hold a pen, breathing was very laboured. I felt roughly like I had spent the better part of the day in a gym doing heavy weight training. I was s-l-o-w and uncoordinated...those poor parents probably thought I had been quaffing for hours!!

I will overcome this, there is just so much grey. I am still learning what makes this worse and why. I've learned that stress, a chill, and fatigue all affect this....put those three things together and it's a mess! Every limb can be affected. It hits people in varying degrees, various parts...I am assuming by the time I figure out what NOT to do, this will have mostly cleared up. I'm mild but it still hits me like a train sometimes.

I am very thankful I have a husband to help pick up my considerable slack. The morning is slow, the day is good, the afternoon...I just wind down. I've never been one to "just sit" I guess. I hate to dust, I'd much rather create than clean, I always assumed I was lazy. Now I feel lazy!! I think I may have dust bunnies growing on me or at least cobwebs!!

I did a wild thing my lip pierced (labret) I think it looks awesome :-)

Here's to a fun weekend...we have no plans, none whatsoever, definitely not meeting a cool friend in a fun place. ;-) But we are going to IKEA

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