Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Anemia/shmemia...oh and a new phone too!!

I'm bored....I'm constantly tired. The anemia is not iron related, so that leaves loads of other fun options. I'm not sure I care at this point. I can do what needs to be done, pretty much, I'm just a bit of a slug with a few bruises.

So fun plan for tomorrow...activate new cell phone! Was planning on it tonight but the ominous message ...yada yada can't program, call from a land line played....(yes I had the old cell off!) So, in order to maintain my tenuous hold on sanity...I'll just wait til morning.

Phones! Remember when they were Bakelite or some other indestructible substance one could use to murder the intruder? Then they became the avocado sentries stationed in the kitchen to ward off style. At some point harvest gold and tangerine (loved that commercial with the cop and the old lady!!) came out, so the phone could be more personal. It however still lurked in some remote area. Luckily you could still kill someone with the handset. Then we move on to a phone jack in every room and those lucky smirking teenagers who had a phone in their own room (a pox on them!) Ok, I got one later so revoke the pox. Never did I have a line in a phone book that listed....Mr & Mrs. Fluffelbottom* followed by Fluffelbottom* children's line!! I really saw that in a phone book! The jealousy bug bit. I was determined to have my own phone. Centuries later we get cell phones...I finally managed to eek my way into the 19th century in 2002 when I got my first cell phone....gosh it was small!! It was only 6x3x1!!! The antenna was tiny...only 4 inches!!
Now I am on my 6th phone...I am scared of talks to has apps...although some of those apps are really cool and will allow me to do things I can't do, especially on days when my hands are from another planet!

So wish me luck tomorrow as I activate a phone I can't possibly use to kill an assailant with...unless there's an app for that???

*names have been changed to protect the innocent but you smug teens know who you are :-)

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